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  1. Brett2000
    Posted 12 months ago #

    I enjoyed this plugin for many months. Now for some reason, I cannot get it to work properly?

    It seems that now I am only getting DIRECT ENTRY visits recorded. I know this is the case, because if I load another Piwik Tracker in WordPress I get ALL visits (included search engine visits)?

    Any ideas what would cause this?

    I've verified that my site is compatible (cURL is running, etc), everything else seems to work, I did have to add a new host (my direct IP address), as your plugin kept using that for the tracking calls (I wish you could make that Auto Tracking code EDITABLE, so I could change the tracking code, because it always wants to use IP address in the tracking code, though Piwik recommends using the domain name).

    This really just started happening about 1 month ago, when I noticed it. Before that WP-PIWIK worked fine for several months?

    I've now tried disabling the cache, I've tried about everything except for removing the 'auto tracking' feature and copying/pasting my own Piwik code into my Blog footer, but I'd prefer not to have to mess with that.

    I really do believe something changed with WordPress versions, maybe 3.9->3.9.1, or 3.8.3->3.9? Not sure which as I was not constantly checking my Piwik stats.

    Any ideas what I can do to fix this?



  2. braekling
    Plugin Author

    Posted 12 months ago #

    Can you compare WP-Piwik's tracking code with the working tracking code ("another Piwik tracker") mentioned above?

    Please also check if the tracking code is added to your blog's source code as expected.

    Did you check your filter settings in WP-Piwik's tracking settings?

  3. Brett2000
    Posted 11 months ago #


    Tracking code is added - I find it in Blog Source (from your Plugin).

    I have compared the tracking code, as I said above, the main difference is that your tracking code tries the IP address (of my website) everytime, instead of the DOMAIN NAME of my website. This is in the AUTO Tracking Code, and there is NO way to change it, because your plugin Auto Tracking Code cannot be edited? Why? I know you're trying to help by providing 'Auto Tracking Code' - but PLEASE, let it be edited by someone that knows what they are doing, and saved! Can you do that?

    Please make it possible to EDIT the auto-code.

    Filter settings in WP-Piwik's tracking settings, I turned those ALL OFF, just to see what came through. As I said, I ONLY GET DIRECT ENTRY, when I use another very basic Piwik Plugin Tracker it works every time - I see visitors AND direct entry. But on your plugin ONLY direct entry.

    This all started to happen back in WP 3.8.3, or 3.9.1 when they were released. That's when it started, as your plugin used to work fine!

    Any idea when this will be fixed? I'd like to use your plugin because you have the options to add Goals on each Page/Post for Piwik, that is not possible in the other tracker, unless I do it manually.


  4. braekling
    Plugin Author

    Posted 11 months ago #

    I have compared the tracking code, as I said above, the main difference is that your tracking code tries the IP address (of my website) everytime, instead of the DOMAIN NAME of my website.

    If the IP address is shown in the tracking code, you don't use your trusted domain. See existing support threads:


    And see the Piwik documentation:

    Editing the tracking code is planned for future releases, but first I have to finish some other open tasks.


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