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    I’m looking for a solution for easy cloning and updating posts from local machine to live site, so my suggestion would be to have one “clone/update options” page, where administrator can select what to clone to another live site/db.

    custom fields

    clone now! (or cron option for hourly, daily cloning)

    I believe it would be widely used…


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    Great idea – thanks for the input!



    U’re welcome!

    Hopefully this can be done, or will be done soon, so I would really appreciate if you could post about this here, when this topic is resolved…

    You can also put similar description about this future:

    The main reason and the BIG purpose of this is, when I process posts I would like to do them on my local machine with a bunch of plugins, so it would not affect servers performance at all…

    1. WP installation on the server could be then running with 0 plugins installed and would not be affected by plugins load…
    2. Security would be much bigger since less code is involved and available for attackers online….
    3. Posts would be uploaded only when they’re ready to publish, so no revisions would be saved on the server, also good for performance and clean DB…. any many more…

    Thank you!


    Plugin Author Never Settle


    Hearing a little more about the goals of your scenario we’re don’t think that will work for you. Any posts you do locally that rely on those local plugins will not work on the server with no plugins.

    Also the cloner is primarily for entire sites. It makes a lot of sense to have a functionality to clone sites between servers, which is a very advanced and complex addition that will take several months (but definitely something we want to pursue).

    As for server load – WordPress is designed to run with lots of plugins. But there are some problematic plugins that require more cpu/memory. That performance mainly depends on your hosting + site traffic.

    As for keeping it clean – we recommend you just use the built-in draft functionality to not publish until you’re ready. For the concern about revision clutter in the DB, there are numerous plugins that let you specify limits on revisions. You can also turn revisions off completely by adding a single line to wp-config.php.

    Anyway, we think you can achieve everything you’re looking for with standard WordPress features. The cloner is actually way overkill for those scenarios and way more complicated / less efficient than what you can achieve with a bit of configuration tweaking on the server. I also can’t imagine running WordPress with 0 plugins, although you can certainly do it. It would be pretty plain.

    All the best.



    Thanks for your opinion, however my scenario already works, but now I’m exporting and importing posts from local to server which is a bit of a headache… (and it’s affects the servers load)

    “The bunch of plugins I need” – I do agree that in most cases they are needed on the server, but in my case they are not needed since they do “auto-tagging” “auto-categorizing” “auto capitalization, cleanup etc” in bulk …so those plugins are needed only once, but everything they do, they create a revision of the post…

    However, I use only one plugin on server and that’s for importing posts.
    It was just a thought for having a better solution.


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