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  • Dear All,

    First off, thank you if you offer assistance! I appreciate any help.

    I have searched hours for more clarity concerning the BACS option in the payment gateways section. I’m trying to understand the following:

    1. What fields are required for a USA bank?
    2. Where does the routing number go?
    3. Do you have to call the bank to get IBAN / BIC / Sort Code?

    To link a bank account the follow fields are “Optionally” available:

    Account Name
    Account Number
    Sort Code
    Bank Name
    IBAN – International Bank Account Number
    BIC – Bank Identifier Code (formerly Swift)

    I need to get this info from the client, and asking them for IBAN, BIC, and Sort Code might confuse them because it’s not common lingo for US banks. Routing, Account #, Account Name, and Bank Name are normal.

    Lastly, when these fields are completed, and BACS method active, what fields will appear in the checkout process? Currently it’s active and when Bank Transfer is selected on the front/checkout side there are no fields for the customer to enter info (just the info box).

    Thank you again.

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  • Hello,

    I think there is a misunderstanding here!

    Direct Bank Transfer / BACS option is not for the customer to put in his own bank account details. It is for the shop-bank account to display to the customer, and so the customer transfer the amount to the shops account.
    It is not a real “online payment method”. No transfer is done via this method, it is some kind of “information purposes only” method…

    That is why when a customer selects this method there wont be any new panel with some fields to fill with the customer bank details.


    Thank you so much for that! That cures everything.

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