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  • I’ve got several layers of WP installs.

    root (blog one) 1.5b1<br />
    --sub 1 (blog 2) 1.5b1<br />
    ----(layer 1 [blog 3]) 1.5b1<br />
    --sub 2 (blog 4) 1.2.2<br />
    --sub 3 (blog 5) 1.2.2

    so is the root install and the 1.2.2 installs are just fine.

    but the sub, and sub/sub installs of 1.5b1 get their url rewrites confused.

    most of the installs are written into sub domains
    ex: blog,

    What i’m having trouble with is the alternate main domain:
    domain 1 is fine:
    but domain 2 is messing up:

    somehow livesearch isn’t searching, and unless i carefully close up the address’ with a “/” then it actually rewrites

    it’s messing with my brain (small as it is)

    does anyone have any clue where to even begin looking into how to solve this?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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