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  1. dss
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I've got several layers of WP installs.

    root (blog one) 1.5b1<br />
    --sub 1 (blog 2) 1.5b1<br />
    ----(layer 1 [blog 3]) 1.5b1<br />
    --sub 2 (blog 4) 1.2.2<br />
    --sub 3 (blog 5) 1.2.2

    so is the root install and the 1.2.2 installs are just fine.

    but the sub, and sub/sub installs of 1.5b1 get their url rewrites confused.

    most of the installs are written into sub domains
    ex: blog,domain.com

    What i'm having trouble with is the alternate main domain:
    domain 1 is fine: maindomain.com
    but domain 2 is messing up: otherdomain.com

    somehow livesearch isn't searching, and unless i carefully close up the address' with a "/" then it actually rewrites otherdomain.maindomain.com

    it's messing with my brain (small as it is)

    does anyone have any clue where to even begin looking into how to solve this?


  2. dss
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I got this worked out.

    And wrote up a tutorial for adding livesearch to WordPress 1.5.1 here

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