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    We’ve purchased the add-on pack to allow for images on the calendar. However I am unable to create a decent image that will work with the calendar. No matter how I create the image, the plugin seems to just use a horizontal slice from the middle, and does so at some arbitrary image size regardless of the actual image dimensions. I want to give it an image, and have that FULL ENTIRE IMAGE shown on the calendar. Ideally the plugin would scale it as needed, but I would even be OK with having to create it at certain dimensions, but this doesn’t seem to work.

    How can I create an image that will appear on the calendar, and contain the entire image?

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    I really need an answer here, at the moment we’re not able to make decent use of this add-on we just paid money for.

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    Part of the problem here seems to be that we allow for booking short, 30 to 60 minute blocks of time. Since the images are not being scaled to fit for the calendar views, we are getting only a tiny sliver of the image. And this would actually be OK, *IF* we could position, vertically, where the slice would be taken. But since there appears to be no way to do this – not even by scaling/cropping the image to be what seems like should be perfect – we really can’t use images at all. And since this is the main feature we purchased this add-on for, and we really need it to make our calendar look good, this is very disappointing.

    I really hope someone can point me to a way to solve this.

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    Hello, sorry wordpress.org doesn’t allow us to provide support for add-ons on their forum. Please reply at contact@booking-activities.fr.

    The event size is not the same depending on the calendar view and the calendar width, and the background image will not be positionned the same depending on the uploaded image size.

    The background image is scaled and centered on the events with the following CSS properties to handle every possible cases:

    .bookacti-calendar .badp-has-background-image,
    .badp-waterfall-timepicker-options li.badp-has-background-image { background-size: cover; background-position: center; }

    For a more specific handling of your images, you can customize the background size and position to make it fit your specific images with custom CSS in Appearence > Customize > Additional CSS.

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