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  • I have set up WooCommerce to sell a digital download product and a physical product.

    The only way I can get a link to the digital download is to manually process the order and then the link is sent via email.

    I have followed online instructions, and I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.

    I have checked simple product, virtual and downloadable

    I have settings to Force Downloads
    and checked
    Grant Access to downloadable products after payment.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!

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  • Still no luck getting support on this issue. PayPal recognizes and processes the sale and sends a confirmation email, I checked all server statuses and there is no issue there.

    Genesis connect is installed. Has anyone had a similar problem that they were able to resolve?

    I wish this plugin had a paid support option.

    I’m having the same problem. I found but nothing on there is helping me so far.

    I’m looking at some WooCommerce Order Status and will update you if I find anything workable.

    Thanks Kimber254, I found an article related to PayPal and the IPN that I am hoping will help my situation.

    Any clue what 5.Enter the URL address of your IPN script)”. would be? Or how to figure out what that would be?

    I’m working on getting mod_xsendfile installed on my hosting server.

    TVolz: Did you get IPN working?

    I did finally get it working! It was a setting in PayPal. I went to Profiles/Selling Tools/Website Payment Preferences/ I clicked a setting to have the buyer return back to the site. I entered a specific page, ORDER RECEIVED.

    Then I clicked an optional setting Payment Data Transfer to ON.

    It did the trick!

    The order was processed and an email was sent that included the download link.

    Good luck getting your WooCommerce store to work.

    Hi there!
    Sounds like the two of you can perhaps help me out?
    I made a webshop with WP+WooCommerce – 4 products, two of them downloadable e-book and downloadable audio file.
    Handed over the job and thought the owner could do the rest …!
    Hmm, she’s having trouble uploading the audio file to the Media Library, and she is not redirected to a link to download upon order.
    We’re not using PayPal, but a local Scandinavian version, Ewire. Do you think I need to contact them about similar settings, as described by TVoltz?
    Any ideas on how to upload an audio file – and how to download it?
    Thanks in advance

    This is what I got from paypal

    Thank for you contacting PayPal Merchant Technical Support. I’m sorry for the delay in response.

    For the kind of use case you’re having here, IPN is a good choice. Furthermore, you’re using WooCommerce to deal your backend, and I believe they require you to use IPN to make the back office stuff automated.

    What you should do is to follow the WooCommerce instruction/guide. Since you’re using WooCommerce , there’s no need for you to prepare the IPN script as I believe they have it by their own. What you should do is to go into your PayPal account’s profile and enable IPN. Inside the text box where it says you should paste the IPN URL, you should enter your URL as and if you want maintain your traffic source, paste in instead.

    And that’s it, your IPN should be enable now.The reason you don’t need to put any IPN script is because WooCommerce will generate them for you and handle all the parsing for you. As long as you set it WooCommerce correctly and IPN too, it should be working as you want.

    Will update when I test this.

    TVoltz: Did you have to configure the Identity Token or anything on the Payment Data Transfer section?


    Grafikbutik, When adding a new product,your client should simply be able to click PRODUCTS/ADD NEW/ADD MEDIA and then upload the file. Audio files are often large. They may have to check that the hosting company has the Maximum Upload File size set to at least the size of the audio file.

    Kimber254, The IPN was working, I did not have to configure anything. I just added the page

    and click Data transfer to ON

    I’ve done that and used the ipn instruction for paypal and having no luck. I going to give the setting a couple of hours then try it again.

    Should “Log PayPal events, such as IPN requests, inside woocommerce/logs/paypal” be checked? under the paypal payment gateway?

    Kimber254, when you click on WooCommerce/system Status, do you see anything that is highlighted in red and that needs attention?

    My settings:
    Checked simple product, virtual and downloadable

    I have setting to Force Downloads
    and checked
    Grant Access to downloadable products after payment.

    Thanks, I have all that set but for some reason it’s making me accept payment at paypal before allowing the download.

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