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    I have a quick question. I am a photographer and I want to sell my photographs on my website. I want images to be available as digital downloads and as specific prints. If I create a product and upload a file to the digital download area, does that make the download available for each product variation? To be a little more specific, if the original product is a download, can I make a product variation that is a 4×6 print, 8×10 print, etc. without those products offering the download as well as the prints? If someone is buying a print only, I obviously don’t want to give them a download where they can make as many prints as they would like.


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    Hi Jimmy. Simple Ecommerce Shopping plugin does not support Digital Product Variation. But you can still achieve what you wanted. To do that you will need to create 2 products for same image. One will be digital product where you will upload the original image but only one resolution. Other product will be for the prints with variations. So when you client will buy the digital product they will receive a download link for the image, if they buy prints(second product configured as Physical product) as many they want, they wont receive any download links. You can mail them the prints. Hope it makes sense.
    Good news is Bizcart is releasing a new shopping cart plugin only for the photographers very soon.



    Hi I also have a question regarding digital downloads.

    I am currently testing the plugin on my site prior to using it for a client to sell gift vouchers for various photo shoots.

    Currently everything is working well but am I missing something? Once the link to the digital download is sent there is nothing to stop the customer downloading again and again – ie getting loads of gift vouchers when only paid for one?

    How can I stop this happening?

    Many Thanks.



    You can use the download limit under “Digital Product Detail”. If you leave that box blank for unlimited download, to restrict download, enter a number and the download link will expire when it reaches the maximum number.

    Plugin Author n.showket


    Hi these features are available in premium one where you can set donwload limit, expiration time and many more.



    Hi there

    How do I allow customers to access their purchased digital product via a link directly on the site rather than being sent by email?

    Many thanks

    Plugin Author n.showket


    Please email me to discuss this issue. You are using the premium version, right ?




    Thanks for your help with the shortcodes.



    Hi, I’m excited to use your plugin and I really appreciate your hard work. I have it installed on a client’s website and am currently trying to perform a test purchase of a digital download product. I have configured the plugin settings for testing, and I have both a merchant and a buyer PayPal Sandbox account. After “purchasing” the digital download product the transaction completes, and I have received confirmation emails at both my merchant and buyer sandbox accounts… but the email that was sent to my buyer sandbox account did not include a download link.

    Right now the website is still under “Maintenance Mode” because I am still working on it (I disabled this privacy setting during testing). I can disable the restricted access if you need to look at my settings. Thanks!

    Plugin Author n.showket


    Please see the below example that u need to configure in settings.

    Dear {first_name} {last_name}

    Thank you for your purchase!
    Any items to be shipped will be processed as soon as possible, any items that can be downloaded can be downloaded using the encrypted links below.


    I’m thrilled to be begin using the plug in. My test buyer succeeded in placing the order, paying for it via pay pal – we each received confirmation emails. The issue is the link to the mp3 is empty – not working. We have rechecked the link on this end, it works fine. What am I doing wrong in settings that is causing the link to misfire? Ideas? Do I need to make a change in the “{product_link_digital_items_only}” to my actual link? I haven’t done anything with that setting to make it specific to my product.

    (this is my site: http://www.polaspilates.com/piper-the-petite-pilates-princess/) I can offer the reply if that helps too.

    Thanks so much in advance!

    Hey polaspilates, that’s interesting, I am using this plugin but haven’t experienced that issue till now. Your site looks amazing. You better open a new topic for your issue and the plugin author can help you I believe.

    The plug in author has been so great at trying to help resolve this. Two questions. Are you selling mp3s? Big ones? And could my issue be in my paypal set up? Everything works until delivery. Then the buyer gets an empty mp3. We’re working on trying to figure out what could be going wrong on the web site end, but I have this nagging feeling I should be doing one more thing at the paypal end. Anything I could have missed?

    I would suggest using amazon S3 for delivering files, but that feature is only in pro. It made my file secure at the same time, and Amazon S3 cost is not even $1 per month for 5GB data transfer.

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