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  • Hi,

    Thought I’d throw this one out there in case anyone has managed to do this.

    I’m using the Digital Access Pass membership plugin for WP to protect some content via a pay-per-click method.

    At the moment DAP doesn’t display the number of cicks (views) the user has left, and I think this is an important piece of information. The guys at DAP have just released a new version and understandbly are busy with that but said they would look at it for the next release. However, I really need to get this working ASAP if possible.

    DAP have told me the table in DAP that I need to query, but I have no idea how to use this piece of information.

    I hoping someone out there may have used the DAP plugin and discovered a way to display the pay-per-click number for the user on their product information page.

    The information needs to be retrieved from the dap_users_resources_jn table

    They also said to ‘remember that the click count is at a file/resource level’

    I can’t pay for the code, but happy to give anyone who gets it working a plug in the blog post I’ll be writing when the site is launched. 🙂



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