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    I’ve just upgraded to Twitter Tools 3.0 and one thing which appears to be missing now is the ability to create a daily or weekly digest of all the tweets for that time period.

    Has that been deliberately removed and, if so, why?

    If it hasn’t been removed, where are the settings hidden now?

    Also, while my old tweets have been converted to the new format and added to the database, it does not appear to be updating with today’s tweets.

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  • Ditto. This feature was my primary use of the plugin. Archive view will not serve this function. Hopefully this is not actually gone.

    I might be able to live with the archive view if two conditions are met:

    1) I can add that archive view as a page up the top.

    and 2) It is actually able to download and archive tweets made by other Twitter clients (e.g. my phone).

    So far neither of these conditions have been met. It can store tweets written in the dashboard, but that’s kind of pointless when so much tweeting is not done in the context of updating my server.

    EDIT: It doesn’t actually tweet from the dashboard, it just adds something to the local site that looks like a tweet. Not cool, not cool at all.

    I want digest posts for sure, inline with all my other posts. I tweet from a variety of clients as well, so capturing ALL my tweets is of course critical. But the main purpose is to being the tweets into the natural stream of my blog for people who don’t follow me on twitter. A second purpose IS to have a permanent archive for my own purposes, and I guess the archive does that, but for someone just scrolling down through my blog, it doesn’t do much. If I wanted a separate view of my tweets, I could just link to twitter or use any number of plugins that show tweets in a sidebar or whatnot.

    Anyway, free plugin, so can’t complain too much. But this does take away my primary use, and will leave me scrambling to find some other solution to use… or if there are none, rethink how I am using twitter.

    Yeah, ideally I’d like both; the archive and the digest.

    The problem is it no longer appears to be pulling down the tweets I’ve sent through other clients at all, so even if it can generate a digest it’s got nothing to work with because it won’t get the content.

    Combine that with the fact that others have reported the broadcast feature doesn’t work and it’s pretty much useless.

    It now adds a feature to tweet from the dashboard, but all that does is add an entry to the archives, it doesn’t actually send that data to Twitter. So that’s just ridiculously stupid.

    Apparently there is a way to get data from Twitter using cron instead of the built-in default (non-working) function, but there’s no documentation on how to configure that in a way that will work.

    If we’re very lucky the author might stop by, but if not we’ll probably have to find something else.

    Plugin Contributor Alex King


    The digest feature never worked right and has been removed in 3.0. Another developer could create a plugin for Twitter Tools to add a digest feature (leveraging the data Twitter Tools makes available).

    The digest feature never worked right and has been removed in 3.0. Another developer could create a plugin for Twitter Tools to add a digest feature (leveraging the data Twitter Tools makes available).

    Alright, I can probably cope without the digest for now. So let’s start with something a little easier: getting Twitter Tools to actually download tweets from and adding them to the local store of tweets/entries. I figure that’s the essential first step for a local archive (as well as getting the widget to start working again).

    Yes, all the configuration options have been activated (including the not so obvious ones) and it does have write access to the directory.

    It was indeed a bit buggy, but it basically worked most of the time. Generally the worst I had to deal with was it posting a bit late, or posting multiple copies. I could clean up those errors manually as needed.

    Sorry to see it gone.

    Starting some quick searching, I found this:

    I may try it this weekend, but it looks like it has some serious limitations (like showing maximum of 20 tweets per post) so it may not work for me.

    Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who had the multiple post issue, but I figured that was the price of an “experimental” feature.

    Thanks for the links to that other plugin, I think I’ll try it too (although that tweet number limitation isn’t great, still that can probably be changed). Couple that with Simple Twitter Connect and we’ll have most of the features previously supplied by Twitter Tools.

    It may not get the widget displaying recent tweets, but there should be other ways around that.

    To be honest, I’d prefer to get Twitter Tools working (possibly coupled with the Twitter Digest plugin), but I’m not sure how long it will take for Twitter Tools to become functional again.

    Just tried that Twitter Digest plugin, it’s perfectly fine and has some nice features. Also, you can raise the maximum number of tweets to 200. 🙂

    Here’s an example of what it produces:

    Twitter Updates for 2012-10-12

    I’m still debating whether or not to include retweets.

    Excellent. I’ll set that up this weekend!

    It was an excellent find, thankyou. It only took about 5 minutes or less to configure too and automatically determined that a day’s worth of my tweets were missing and posted them (I assume it recognised the previous TT3 digests based on either the heading, category or tag).

    Glad it is working. I also used it to generate “make up posts” for the last couple of days. Waiting until 00:00 UTC tonight to see if it successfully generates its first automated posts.

    I did notice in the make up post I had it generate that when it includes “in reply to XXXXXX” links for tweets that were replies, the link it generates seems to be broken. Looks like it is converting the Tweet ID into exponential notation, which is of course broken.

    I’ve noticed the same thing in the make up posts. I’m still waiting for midnight UTC to test the automated posts from yesterday.

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