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  • me too!

    Count me in. I received close to 30 emails last night.

    Same here..

    Peeps, the digest setting only REDUCES the number of emails to one a day. Check what’s being reported, e.g. loackouts, and turn off those emails. I did that yesterday and this morning, all was quiet. Ahhhh…

    I want to get emails telling me there has been a lockout….when it happens. I would not want to turn that immediate email notification off. I just don’t want to get a daily status report email. There is a specific box to turn this option on or off, independent of the other email notifications. So why is the plugin still sending digest emails?

    Galbaras, I know that, but I have that option enabled and still received about 30 emails yesterday… Something is wrong with this new iteration of the plugin. I guess next week they will push a new update… There have been multiple threads with the same problem.

    I have unchecked Send digest email. However, I still get a daily digest email. I would prefer to get emails immediately when someone is locked out.

    Hey All,

    Could you update to version v4.4.9 and see if that helps?



    That didn’t work. I keep receiving emails…

    I had to delete the plugin, re-install, reconfig and make sure that setting to get those email was unchecked…

    I don’t know what you guys did with this new update but I am receiving even more emails… I got 110 emails today using the version release today.

    This is ridiculous…

    Ok guys… This thing is completely broken! 450 emails! Either fix this thing or remove the code if you can’t fix it!

    We don’t need a digest email anyway! We survived all this time without it!

    I keep receiving hundreds of emails every night. I have updated the plugin 3 times since this problem started. Based on the changes log of the plugin it seems you guys are paying more attention to stuff makes you money and are treating this as a low impact problem. This is a big issue! This is impacting my server resources every night. I can get my account blocked for spamming myself!

    If you don’t know how to fix this KILL THIS FUNCTION! TURN IT OFF!!!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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