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  • I would like to use the same WordPress installation, limit it to registered users and show a different landing page per user group. I installed Role Scoper which seems to help a lot. The “Registered Only Plugin added to the mix makes it a members only side. But this combination of plugins does not seem to be able to load a certain slider for user group nor show widgets a-c for group a and widget blocks d-f for group b. How could I achieve that? I know Role Scoper can show pages, posts and navigation where need be. But can it also:

    • Show a different slider per user group
    • Different page/post teasers per landing page per user group?
    • Different text widgets per landing page per user group?

    Basically one installation and two or more different landing pages as they will load different slider and text blocks is what I need. Is that possible?

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  • In your landing page, you could use an if statement, and then have a function that generates the correct code in a file that you include, saving the need for a different page for each user role. –

    (if(current_user_can('administrator')) :
    elseif(current_user_can('editor')) ) :

    Thanks for the feedback duck_boy. That is a possible approach that goes in the direction I want to go.. I would only need the Role Scoper function for grabbing the user group instead of a WordPress Role. I guess this will require some more digging.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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