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  • I have a similar problem with the newest update! The sidebar widget for product categories doesn´t show the categories anymore! It says, that there aren´t any categories set, but what it is not the case, because they weren´t changed!

    the same for me, in my theme MesoColumn, so i try another theme : wootique, it is the same ; in the both appears categorie product empty, kewords too empty !

    Same here. The Product Categories widget is suddenly gone (it shows the Product Categories title on the page, but no drop-down menu. The Layered Nav widget is not working anymore either, it’s completely gone.

    Though only somewhat related to this, I use the Taxonomy Dropdown Widget plugin to add a Product Tags drop-down menu. That is also completely gone.

    Was one of the fixes listed in the changelog a bit more than what was said? Anything we can do to fix this now without having to wait for an update?

    You can see example of my Shop here:

    Thank you!

    It’s the same for me. So I changed my theme MesoColumn to be sure it is not an error for the theme Wootique. It is the same product categories and keywords are empty.

    I have the same problem. I’ve also posted this in another thread so you may also check there for an answer when it comes.

    they erase our feedback!
    i have write 2 times the same and they desappear

    I reported WC as broken on the main plugin page here. Prove me wrong please!



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    It seems there were some merge errors in the 2.0.15 release which caused categories and attribute labels to be hidden. We’ve resolved this and pushed out 2.0.16 to resolve these issues.

    Please update to 2.0.16 to fix the category/attribute display issues. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    If you still have problems, please explain what you are seeing with screenshots.


    Fixed!! Thank you very much Mike!

    hi, i have the same issue. im running the bazar wp theme (2.0 version), last version of WP, 3.6.1, and the categories remains disappear. i try to use the version 2.016, but the categories is not displaying with this version too. i add categories, and when refresh, all disappears.
    any ideia?
    tks, marcelo



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    @marujobhz: As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    Not resolved. I have the same problem in

    i am having similar issues with mine after i updated my woocommerce and run some updates.. my product categories went missing. i want a short code to fix it for me…

    if there is any short code to fix it please share it with me..

    Exactly the same problem with my site. No product categories showing on the ‘Product Categories’ Page despite having put them there or when adding product. Using Mayahop theme.

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