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    Hi, I am new to Postie and am trying to set up my site so I can post by email for a jobs board.

    I am a self taught wordpress user, I’m not a techy but with some understanding and a lot of trial and error!

    I have followed the various set up tutorials to try and set up the plugin but they don’t seem to work for me. I also have a plugin conflict that stops postie from working. I know which plugin this is and have tried to set up postie with the conflicting plugin disabled but with only partial success – see below.

    1. The plugin I have a conflict with is called All-in-one calendar by Timely. When this plugin is running postie doesn’t work, when I run the ‘Test Config’ button I get the test headers but with no content. If I run the debug option I get a blank screen. If I disable all-in-one calendar and run the test config I get the appropriate reports and information.

    2. With regards to postie itself I have set up a secret email address and I want to be able to sent emails to this address and for them to be posted to a specific category on my site ( On the set up page my main admin details are loaded and so I then changed the Mailuser id to be the secret email address, and the mail password as the secret email password, however after I click the ‘Save Changes’ button the screen refreshes and reverts back to my main wordpress admin user name and password in these two boxes. At this point if I do a ‘Run Postie’ then postie will fetch my new emails but it straight away then reverts back to the admin user name and not the secret email address I had tried to save.

    Please can you help?

    Before looking at postie I tried to set up post by email from within wordpress but I couldn’t get this to work either. I used one of the suggested ramdom strings to set up the secret email address, and this works and receives the emails sent to it, but I couldn’t get any of the activation methods to work, manual browser, automatic browser, action basedm hence turning to postie – which appears to offer more features.

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  • Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    1) I have contacted Timely support so we will see what they have to say.

    2) It sounds like your browser is trying to auto fill those fields. You might try turning off auto fill to see if that helps. Or you have have a browser extension that is trying to fill in these fields.

    All of the items below are with All-in-one plugin disabled.

    1. I have changed my browser settings to switch off auto-fill and I still find that when I save any changes to the postie settings the mailserver settings revert back to my main admin user settings. If I put in the settings for the email address I want to collect from and only save those changes then the mailserver settings stay as I last entered them even though the refreshed page shows the original admin settings.

    2. In an attempt to tackle this I set up a new admin user who has the secret email address I want to post to (u/n – Jobs Board on the posts), I selected them as the default poster but this doesn’t seem to make any difference with regards to the what appears on the refreshed mailserver page after any changes. If I do a test conf this shows that it it trying to access the original admin email. The only way to avoid this is for me to re-input my secret email details as the last thing that I save. If I do this then each time I test config it retains the right email settings – the downside is that postie then does not seem to automatically run and collect any emails at the 2 x hour interval.

    3. I have not managed to get it to automatically run and collect any messages so far. Each test I do has to be run manually.

    4. One other question, if I select html as the preferred text type then I don’t get any text from the body of my email, I only get the subject header?

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    Please contact me at so we can coordinate me looking at your installation.

    I am also having plugin conflict with same behaviour with a different plugin:

    Insert HTML Snippet Version 1.0 By – Add HTML code to your pages and posts easily using shortcodes. This plugin lets you create a shortcode corresponding to any random HTML code such as ad codes, javascript, video embedding, etc. and use the same in your posts, pages or widgets.

    I disabled the above plugin for now however I will need them both to work on my site.

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    >I am also having plugin conflict with same behaviour with a different plugin

    Which behaviour? carl.roach3 was having several different issues.

    Please give an example of an email, what you expected to happen and what actually happened.

    carl.roach3: “when I run the ‘Test Config’ button I get the test headers but with no content. If I run the debug option I get a blank screen.”

    However now since your last update v1.5.13 -> v1.5.14, it does that even if I shut off all the other plugins.

    [ Test Config>> ]

    Postie Configuration Test

    Clock Tests

    This shows time it would be if you posted right now

    Connect to Mail Host

    That is it, no other output…

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    If you turn on debug logging do you see more information in the logs?

    What OS are you using?

    [ Run Postie (Debug) >> ]

    Returns blank output.

    I will do the more detail debug later, right now I going to downgrade to get my blogs posted.

    My OS config:
    Linux 2.6.32-042stab063.2 x86_64
    PHP V5.3.26
    cURL support enabled
    GD support enabled
    json support enabled
    Multibyte support enabled

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    Which Linux are you using? I’ll set up a test system to match. This issue has been affecting some people, but I can’t seem to nail it down.

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