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  • Hi! I’ve had WordPress for about five months now, but unfortunately haven’t posted much due to difficulty as mentioned above.

    My computer runs on Windows XP and I use Google Chrome as my primary browser. I have two separate WordPress sites, and (no pics, but some of the text may be considered NSFW if you’re in a really uptight environment).

    My sites display accurately but take forever to load, if they ever do, and I have always had a hard time accessing my dashboard from my home computer. Either it takes excessively long (as in several minutes), or times out, or stubbornly refuses to open even though I’m 109% (9% for sales tax) sure that I have the right password. I even used a wrong password on purpose to test that theory. I got the password error message slowly, but usually faster than I got in my dashboard with the right password.

    At first I thought it was my hosting company’s fault. However, I checked with them and they ran tests. They could access my site instantly from any browser with no problem or delay.

    Then I thought it was my ISP’s fault. However, I have switched from municipal wi-fi to using my smartphone as a hotspot to having fiber optic Internet with little change in this issue. I’ve taken my computer to library and coffee shop wi-fi hotspots with no change.

    Then I tried using other computers. Voila! Every other computer I use works fine for accessing my sites and dashboards, whether a friend’s computer or a public library computer. The problem appears to be my computer. But why? It’s a pretty ordinary laptop, an eeePC about 3.5 years old. It did have viruses, but I installed Avast anti-virus and that seems to have worked fine at improving the general function of the computer, but did little for my WordPress issues. The only other potential issue I know of with the computer is I went on a file-deleting spree a couple of years ago (before I installed WordPress) and accidentally deleted a file that appears to be involved with computer function. Unfortunately, I have no idea what file that was. I guessed and tried to replace it, but I guessed wrong. Now, every time I turn the computer on, I get a message “New Hardware Found” even though there’s no new hardware and I have no idea what software is causing this. It appears not to be a virus since it wasn’t cleaned out by the Avast.

    I’m buying a new computer in about six or seven months, mostly because of the above issues. However, if anyone has any suggestions on what I could try now, especially if it doesn’t cost money, please let me know.

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