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  • Hi, we’re using your plugin on a multisite system and have recognized, that elements like Testimonials and Icons can’t be edited by non Super Admins. Every time a normal user (also regular administrator) edits a block and saves it, WordPress “forgets” styles and the Kadence connection so that the elements can only be edited as HTML. For Super Admins and for extracted stand alone websites your plugin works well.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hey,
    WordPress puts a filter and limits what html can be used on any content that is added by a non-superadmin in a multisite system. Similar to how it filters the content and limits what html can be used for authors user role.

    SVGs will get stripped out by this filter.

    I’ve created a plugin that will create a workaround just for Kadence Blocks Icons and allows the icons to be created by users that don’t have permission to use any kind of html.

    You can download it here:


    Hi Ben,

    thank you for the quick response! Sadly, this doesn’t change the situation. I let myself inspired by your answer and tried to extend the rights of non-superadmins for filtered html following this extension of the functions.php and the original source for that code but it neither helps.

    Is imaginable to remove the filtered html from those elements which don’t work yet on multisite systems? I detected the following:

    • Testimonials
    • Forms

    The following elements work on multisite systems for non superadmins:

    • Rows
    • Spacer/Divider
    • Advanced Heading
    • Advanced Button
    • Tabs
    • Info Box
    • Icon
    • Icon List
    • Advanced Gallery

    Another option would be to disable Testimonials and Forms for the whole multisite system. Is there any possiblity to do this globally and not on each network sites KD settings?

    I’m not sure I’m totally following.

    I believe you are saying Testimonials are not working even if the user can post unfiltered html, except your super admin, can still post testimonials? Is that correct?
    Can you create a new page add a testimonial block and send me the output?

    Same with the form.


    Hey Ben,

    sorry for the late reply. Here are the two samples:


    With unfiltered html, I can’t recreate it. If I am using a user that is limited to filtered html then I can. I may be able to update the add on plugin to allow for users that can only posted filtered html to add forms. That is more hacking at how WordPress core works but the filters are there.

    I looked into testimonials and the issue is something an add on can not fix. It’s because core hasn’t fixed an issue that is 7 years old, here is the second newer (3 years ) ticket about it:

    The block outputs rgba colors and core strips that out when users can only post with filtered html.


    Hi Ben,

    OK, then you might save your time because if the gap with filtered html can’t be closed because of WordPress core completely, it’s not worth it.


    Plugin Author Ben Ritner – Kadence WP


    Well, I want to be clear that you said you gave none super admin rights to post unfiltered html, if that is the case this wouldn’t be an issue at all.

    As for core, I suspect updates to fix this soon since WordPress editing is moving to full site.


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