• Free
    PRO- works in 4.7.5
    PRO- Light weight no media slot taken, so reducing media.
    PRO- Text customisable in editor

    CON- difficult to use, requires registration and reading documation
    CON- isn’t responsive, so is not good for mobile use.

    PRO- Looks easy to use in visual composer

    CON- Premium requires visual composer.
    CON- Recuring subscription

    My main issue with this plugin on testing is appeared not to be responsive to browser resizing.

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  • Plugin Author dashed-slug.net



    First of all I’m sorry that you didn’t find the plugin useful and I welcome your criticism. Admittedly you could argue that the plugin is somewhat hard to use and if I began from scratch I would have made the plugin a lot different.

    It’s good that you were able to determine that this plugin is not for you before paying for the premium features.

    Having said this, I want to point out a couple of factual inaccuracies in your review that may be of benefit to other potential users:

    – Cryptocurrencies are not offered as a payment option. Currently PayPal is the only payment method available, if you wanted to gain access to the premium features. In fact this is a shortcoming of the service that I would like to remedy in the future, but currently you cannot pay with cryptocurrencies. A user who wanted to become a premium member would hit the button titled “Become premium dashed-slug member” available at the homepage. You might have been confused by the fact that the site also offers cryptocurrency-related plugins, however this has nothing to do with the payment options available to a prospective member.

    – Besides the accompanying PDF documentation, if you wish you can have a look at examples of how to use the plugin here https://www.dashed-slug.net/svg-logo-and-text-effects-wordpress-plugin/svg-shortcode-examples/

    – The text is able to be edited in a popup editor via the Visual Composer extension, which is available to premium members. Anything that you can do manually in the free version via shortcodes, you can do much easier via a UI using Visual Composer plus this extension. You can have a look here to see what that would look like: https://www.dashed-slug.net/svg-logo-and-text-effects-wordpress-plugin/visual-composer-integration-extension/

    Again, I’m not trying to argue that you should definitely buy the premium extensions and I do not want to argue against your criticism, I’m just pointing out these facts. Thanks for taking the time to review and sorry for having wasted your time.


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