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  • Settings link:
    The settings link on the plugins page and on the notification that shows WordPress to finish setup is wrong, it goes to integrations under WooCommerce (domain.tld/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=integration). The right link must go to the integration itself: domain.tld/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=integration&section=mailerlite

    API key link:
    On first setup under the API key field there is a link to create the API key but the information is outdated, so from there you can’t create an API key. Now (on the new Mailerlite) the API keys are created from the integrations tab.

    JS alert when validating API key:
    For some reason when validating the API key, there is a JS alert for “are you sure to exit this page?”. This is a wrong behavior. Maybe delete the validate button and create a simple save button at the bottom.

    Difficult to connect/disconnect form MailerLite:
    Once you enter your API key, the integration is NOT CONNECTED YET (but you don’t know it)… After searching, I’ve found that I need to click on some messages the plugin shows on some settings fields “MailerLite integration setup not completed yet. Please click here.” Those are in grayed text. This is too difficult to understand, maybe having a blue button that says CONNECT solves the issue and a status (feedback) like “connected” or “disconnected”. The same goes for disconnect, I need to talk with support for manually disconnection from the backend. This is solved as before, a status and buttons to connect/disconnect.

    Duplicating user fields on MailerLite:
    When connecting for the first time, this integration creates and duplicates the fields under subscribers. Instead of having the 3 necessary fields, creates 6. I have tested in two websites.

    No feedback at all:
    We as users and developers need to know what is happening, when data is being sent to MailerLite, for example a new subscriber is sent from the checkout page, an abandoned cart is stored o created in the database, etc. We need feedback.

    Abandoned carts not being fired:
    There is no feedback for the abandoned carts on the WooCommerce part, we don’t even know if the plugin is sending data or not. In my case, I have followed the docs and talked with support but no automations were fired. Would be nice to have a table with the abandoned carts (you already have the information on a database table). Also would be nice to know if the data was sent to MailerLite or not.

    CSS conflict with Bootstrap 4 classes:
    The checkbox in the checkout is conflicting with Bootstrap, is using the class custom-control-input. Please name your classes with some prefix like ml_.

    Checkout must be in two steps (not working with default WooCommerce checkout):
    This was told to me by a support agent:

    So once people add a product to the cart and go to buy it, they have both name, email, address and payment on the same page. It’s called 1-page checkout and sadly, our plugin doesn’t work correctly in this setup.
    Our plugin can only work correctly in a 2 step checkout method.
    So in order to make it work, you would need to change the checkout method so it would be a 2-page checkout:

    So, you are developing a plugin for WooCommerce that doesn’t work on WooCommerce native? I’m lost here…

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