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  • I am building a WordPress theme that is more complicated than any of the ones I have built in the past, and I think I am on to the last truly complex task of the whole thing, but I don’t know how to best approach this one. Here is what I want to do:

    Ultimately, I need to be able to switch between slideshows. Let me give you some back info. If you look at my test site you will notice there is a slideshow at the top. This is built by pulling all the images attached to the post (same method as the built-in gallery uses), then displaying them in a div, and then using jquery to style it and give it functionality.

    The “Galleries” link at the top will be a drop-down for the user to select between categories like kids, couples, babys, etc. When they select one, it should display a different gallery. I don’t mind if it requires a page-reload, but of course something that switches it in-page would be sick.

    I just don’t know the best method, and please don’t refer me to a plugin. I prefer not to use plugins because when the user updates WP or the plugin, things may not work as intended. Right now, my best thought is to build a child page that gets loaded based on the url. Any suggestions how to best approach this one?

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