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  • Hello dear wordpress users,

    My name is Jonas, and i’m trying to develop a website for a brand named Kheuning.
    It’s all about winter gear, so i am trying to go the extra mile with a little fun snowing effect. As it can be pretty anoying i want it to be more of an easter egg, only happening when clicking a button.

    I’ve installed the beautifull plugin by Aen, ‘let it snow’ –

    This works very good. What i want to achieve now it that it will only be activated when clicking a image i have on my webpage.

    I have tried researching this, but much to my surprise i couldn’t find anything. I’m asking all you wordpress guru’s out there: how would you do this?

    This is my webpage: and i would like to make it happen when clicking ”let it snow” (which is a image in a widget that accepts html)

    Thanks very much in advance,
    Kind Regards,
    Jonas Pijnenburg

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