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  • Hi, I’m really hoping someone out there might be able to point me in the right direction about how to start fixing the following issue.

    I’ve just spent quite some time working on a new website for the company I work for.
    I’m very new to wordpress and was really happy with the site I managed to cobble together but now I’ve hit a sticky patch.

    I work primarily on a large 28″ mac with a resolution of 2560 x1440.
    I’ve built the website using safari as my browser and everything looked hunky dory in the window I was using.

    Now, I’m guessing that the proper developers out there have worked out where this is going.

    I asked a friend to have a quick look at the site and he mentioned that the header wasn’t sitting right on his screen. He was using IE.

    This rung alarm bells in my head and now looking online at sites which can show mine in differing browsers it would seem that quite a few things are off depending on the browser in question.

    Now I’m at a loss, I really have no idea where to start looking for a solution.
    I feel like an idiot for not checking before!

    WordPress Version 3.5.2
    WooCommerce Version 2.0.13
    Theme: Artificer

    If anyone can help I’d be really grateful.

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  • I’ve just done some more investigations at it seems that IE is the main issue.
    It may also not be as bad as I originally thought as it seems that it is just the header and the slider on the front page that is the problem.

    This is quite frustrating as the theme resizes perfectly on every other browser. Even on ios!

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