• hi 😀

    I saw one conflict design with your plugin, same problem my developpor do sometime when he create a plugin, :

    After instal your plugin, differents parts / words in our admin page are bold =P
    (i did tests desactivate and activate)
    It’s not a big problem, but i prefer have “normal” admin

    Sorry for my bad english, i am french,

    Thanks for your work

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  • Plugin Author nasir179125


    Thank you for contacting with us. Can you please explain In which elements this happened?
    So we fix them for new version.
    It will be appreciate If you guide us further.

    Thread Starter anthorfacte2019


    Hello 😀 Thanks a lot already for did this plugin, no need to do a lot CSS (a few) for have super result,

    I haven’t got time for search now but i can said you other thing, since the last update elementor, few hours before, your plugin have a bad reaction visuel loooool XD

    : https://nsa40.casimages.com/img/2019/03/04/190304070152523540.jpg

    I hid my site elements

    Now, the live preview is no longer possible. The circles became squares and the wallpaper and its text and passed underneath. But that does not change anything in the site, everything is normal. But on the other hand, difficult to use your plugin with this display =/. I’m happy to have finished this part yesterday XD.

    This design conflict has appeared since the last version of this day, since they installed the absolute position function and other features:

    Voilà !

    I hope you will resolve this 😀

    See you

    Thread Starter anthorfacte2019


    Hi team !

    Super, with your new version you resolved the last problem design in the back end, all appear good now

    But now it’s in the page by default for article your new version cause a issue / conflict design,
    For be sure i did test desactivate :

    Before the last update, good :
    Now, with the new update, bad :
    (it’s uste one part but you have others parts in this pages :p)

    For the moment, i put the last version for don’t have problem, and wait you fix this !
    See you


    Plugin Author nasir179125


    Please update to new version again and show me the live page URL.
    I will fix It now for new version.
    Without watching cannot figure It out.

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