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  • Hi WordPressers!
    Is there a way of displaying sub-categories in the format category:sub-category?
    Since I’m using many sub-categories to organize my posts and I always have to additionally select the category of the respective sub-category in order to get it displayed in the sidebar, it’s quite confusing to have the category displayed seperately under each post.
    Have a look at and you’ll understand… 😀

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  • Can you clarify? Your posts seem to be in several categories.

    Sure, let’s simply have an example:
    The post Pongmechanik ist lited in the following categories:
    As you can see Kultur and Technikzeug both are subcategories.
    Now I want WP to display them below the posting in a way that makes the hierarchy clear.
    WP currently simply displays the selected categories & subcategories in alphabetical order. For the example above this is:
    Kategorie: Technikzeug, Netz, Kultur, Gadgets
    I would prefer this way:
    Kategorie: Technikzeug: Gadgets, Netz: Kultur
    Is there any way to do this?

    Correction: A space is added after the separator string in the output of the function. So calling the_category(',') would display “Category1, Category2, Category3”. The space is hard-coded and can’t be over-ridden.
    See this entry in the Wiki for a replacement function which allows more flexibility in the use of separators and fixes the single/multiple bug (which has been fixed in the development version on the CVS).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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