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    Screenshots are of no use. What might help is a link to a page demonstrating the problem.

    Ok, here’s the url: URL
    The problem is the icons i added for Facebook, RSS, Flickr and YouTube

    I guess the problem is the width of your #top1_right div.

    A proper way to align your icons would be to set #top_right to position:relative;

    and the you will be able to align your icons adding a position: absolute to everyone of them. Then you need to adjust the values top and right.

    also you do not need to have a div for every link.
    cleaner would be something like :

    <ul id="externallinks">
    <li id="fb"><a .... </li>
    <li id="youtube"><a .... </li>
    <li ... </li>

    because you are working with a list of links here.

    Ok, thanks for the help, got it to work! Having the same problem with the search icon by the way, there is no style for the icon in the style.css, should i add a line about it?


    I think I am having the same issue as maranello2. I can see the arrow change to the hand and then click the image to go to the links, but only in FireFox, Safari, and Chrome. I cant seem to make it work for IE. I have IE8 and IE9.

    In the main page I have a slide, this slide has 4 pics (one pic per slide). The pic on the slide is a 960×340 pix .png file divided in 3 by a transparent space between all 3 pictures. This pic (on each slide) has the same format, one big one on the right, and two small boxes on the left.

    Box 1 = Benefits…
    Box 2 = Air Sani…

    Like I said, works like a charm in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome…but it doesnt in IE8 or 9. Thats what I am trying to figure out…how to get it to show in IE

    This is the link to the website: (main page slide)

    This is what I have on the featured.php

    <a href="" class="box-1"></a>
    	<a href="" class="box-2"></a>

    This is what I have for the css

    .box-1 {
        display: block;
        height: 159px;
        position: absolute;
        width: 210px;
        z-index: 9999;
    .box-2 {
        height: 159px;
        position: absolute;
        top: 179px;
        width: 210px;
        z-index: 9999;

    Help from anyone would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks u in advanced!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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