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  • Is it possible to for each registered user to have their own blog? For example; I registered the account name “test”, and when i posted, the post appeared in my main blog.
    I want it to be like livejournal where every user has their own blog. I cant go around updating other peoples journals there, so it shouldnt happen on my site.
    Is that possible with wordpress?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Whoever the admin is, it’s their blog.
    If you want people to have their own blogs, just for them to post on, you need to install wp once per user, each one being in a different directory.

    That WordPress MU looked good, but i cant get it running. I know this is a WordPress forum, but is there any other blogging software that would allow my users to register for their own blogs?
    I’d like to use wordpress, but if thats not possible..

    One thought i’ve been playing with is creating a category for each additional blogger.
    this creates a community of several people in a single blog.
    let’s say Jose, Felize, and Arturo get together and begin to blog:
    i need to enable their registrations to allow them to post and edit, or whatever level i want them to be.
    and then create their categories:
    category 1. Avisos
    category 2. Jose
    category 3. Felize
    category 4. Arturo
    Now Jose doesn’t post much, so he’s cool.
    Felize is crazy, and she wants more categories, so cat 5,6,7,8 are each sub categories of Felize (3).
    Arturo only wants one more cat, so category 9 is a sub category of (4).
    Now my index is a blend of everyone’s posts, and the specific categories for each user are individual blogs.
    i can make links from the front page to specialized pages for each person:
    Felize_index.php using the tag to only show posts in her category cat=3
    and thus, style her blog any way she likes.
    i can also exclude the sub categories from the main index.php (cat=1) and only show group announcements on the main index.
    it will take some styling and customization, but it can be done, and it won’t be a chore.
    WP is the best! There are mny many others, but the support community, and group effort going on here is like no other i have ever found in a free application.
    Hope my idea inspires you to stick around and grow with us.

    The problem is, when a user joins my site, i want them to have their own blog availiable to them. If it was just me and a couple of my friends, that would be no problem. But for a site that constantly has new users registering, i cant do that for each new member.
    I’ve tried a lot of different blogs. WordPress is by far the best, and i havent found the multiple blog feature offered anywhere for free. So at this point, i either have to find a way to get the WordPress MU working, or scrap the idea of hosting blogs on my site.
    Thanks for your suggestion though 🙂

    Right now i have very few users (my site isnt even really done yet), but one day i hope to have hundreds of users, so i need a solution that will accomidate that.
    I’ve also heard WP is working on a multi-blog system (posted by an admin) but that probably wont be availiable for several releases.

    Well, if you have access to .htaccess files, then you could make it exactly like Livejournal, as long as you only needed one category for each person. You then go into the permalinks option page and set up custom category URI’s to something like /users/. Then you would tell the index to only show your posts, when someone goes directily to your site. Then people could access their blog by going to

    that is an excellent solution.
    very simple.
    me and my cluttered and overly excitable mind…

    That sounds perfect! Is there any chance you could explain in further detail exactly how to set that up? Like, what should i do with the .htaccess files? Is there a tutorial to set this up somewhere?
    Thanks 🙂

    Well, I am glad you liked my idea. Unfortunatly I am not in your position, so I have not attempted to do this. I do not believe that there is a tutorial anywhere, but I could try to explain further.
    Firstly you would start out by logining in to your site and going to the permalinks option page. Then you go down to the second input box (the category box) and put in /users/ or whatever else you want before theirname (or index.php/users/ if you dont want to use .htaccess). Unfortunatly again, I have never been able to get .htaccess to work, so maybe someone else could help you there. As for making index only show your category, i would try either or searching this board for a solution (i havnt found one yet thats too great). After you get that last part it should work…
    Sorry but I am not a PHP or WordPress genius, just happened to notice the category permalink option. Hope that helps. I will keep visiting this post, so if you cant get a certian thing to work I will try and help you.

    Just to keep things simple, i used /index.php/users/ and created the account “test”.
    I also installed that plugin you linked to. I know i must have missed something, but i’ve noticed there is really no seperation between blogs. For example “Test” could still update on my blog.
    The directory /index.php/users/test still contained my own entries, as well as the entries of the test account.

    Well i tell you what give me till monday and i will work a solution. Hopely someone with more knowledge will come along and give you a better or more cohesive solution.

    ok thanks for your help 🙂

    Yeah that helps a lot! I’ll put in that code now. Thanks again for all your help! 🙂

    So, what’s the verdict, did it work?

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