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    Are you using a caching plugin that is caching the forum page statically? If so, you’ll need to find a way to inform it of the forum portion of your site (and to identify the phpBB logged in cookie)

    Hi Jhong, thanks for quick reply. I tried caching plugin before but since I read somewhere that caching plugins do not work very well with WPU so I disabled it and deleted it from plugins. The plugins that I tried are W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.
    Can I try something else or I made permanent damage with this cache plugins?


    I have the same problem.

    It happens occasionaly, that users see my avatar/nickname as their WordPress login, when they are in the Forum.

    I also use Buddypress and trigger the “displayed username” with
    <?php echo ucwords($user_identity) ?>
    and the avatar with
    <?php bp_loggedin_user_avatar('type=full&width=117&height=117') ?>

    When they navigate to any other site on my webpage, they are themselves again.

    I don’t use any caching plugins.


    PS: Always using the latest version of plugins.

    Hi SunDoWne,
    so, you are saying that usernames are mixed only in Forum page?


    Ok, I just tested a few things…

    The “Userswitching” starts, when I hit the “submit” button in the WP-United preferences as an admin.
    It seems that WPU “captures” a page and reloads it every time someone enters the forum.
    In a conclusion it happens, when “theme-integration” is enabled.

    Is there a trick to it?

    I just created a new user with admin rights. I logged into WordPress with the new user, hit the “Submit” button (WP-U prefs), logged out, and deleted that user.

    The user is still present as the logged in “WordPress-User”, when I enter the forum.

    Cheers, Sunny

    Hi Sunny,
    the same. One of the users reported username from another user that just logged for the first time. So it looks like some caching issue. John said to check the caching plugins but I don’t use those anymore…
    Anyway it is definitely fixed with theme integration off, but that is not the point…
    I asked users to report which username is displayed in User Control panel and so far they reported that username in UCP is fine so it is just displaying issue.
    I don’t have any clues how to fix it for good but so far I’m thinking just to remove username from displaying and to just show Log off option as a workaround…
    If you have some idea how to fix please share.

    Hey, a friend of mine and “co-admin” on the site found the issue!

    Since I use the german translation I have to roughtly translate the following by myself.

    Under preferences -> Theme integration, there is a button “show advanced preferences“.
    When u hit it, you’ll see a dropdown menu where it was set to “– Simple header & footer static saved in cache –“.
    If you change it to “Whole Site: Fall back to index.php” it behaves like an iFrame on a normal wp-site.

    Not as beautiful, but, for me it works now.

    It really wasn’t a bug at all, so, sorry wp-u for the misunderstanding.
    Reading really helps sometimes! =)

    LG, Sunny

    Hi Sunny,
    thanks for sharing. Glad that it worked for you.
    But I already use it as “Full page” and still have this issue…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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