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  • Resolved Bryan Willis


    This plugin rocks. You inspired me to write my first plugin which works in a similar fashion buy letting you change the welcome panel using widgets/shortcodes/etc.

    As I noted here in the FAQ’s section of my plugin there are a few plugins like this that really let you change the dashboard through widgets… The others being magic widgets and Dashboard Widget Sidebar.

    If you check out how dashboard widget sidebar works it lets you add widgets (metaboxes) to the dashboard

    Given the usual way to add metaboxes:

       add_meta_box( $id, $title, $callback, $post_type, $context,
             $priority, $callback_args );

    Dashboard widget sidebar lets you change the following $title, $callback, $context, $priority.

    Anyway, the way I’ve been using your plugin is similar to how CSS/JS Toolbox works. CSS/JS Toolbox is the only other plugin I’ve ever found that lets you target current screens through simple patterns as opposed to complicated screen hooks.

    I think this plugin has a lot more potential than that one seeing that it works through the widgets API. What I did was I took the first css class .mm-green and hid it using .mm-green {display: none !Important;} Then using the enhanced text widget, users are able to add widgets to any screen in the admin section and add javascript/css in a very easy way just like they would on the frontend.

    Doing this works great.

    NOW I want to take it a step further. I’d like the action in your plugin construct to work more like Dashboard Widget sidebar where it lets you choose the paramaters, but more specifically lets you choose from a simple dropdown the hook location. So instead, replace the following admin_notices with a variable that allows the user to select the $hook through a simple dropdown:

    ` // Display dashboard notes
    if ( is_admin() )
    add_action( ‘admin_notices’, array( $this, ‘display_notices’ ) );

    To start I’m thinking the dropdown should be admin_head, admin_notices, and in_admin_footer (and maybe admin_print_scripts)

    Anyway, I started working on this today, but if you have any ideas on how to get this to work or think you could get it working with your plugin please let me know! I really think it could change the way people look at backend development.


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  • Plugin Author Mickey Kay


    Wow, thanks so much for the awesome feedback! Just checked out your plugin and it rocks as well 🙂 Fun times!

    Your suggestion is a fantastic one, and I think I WILL definitely add this feature in our next release, in which we’ll be adding a few fixes here and there.

    Thanks again, and keep your eyes peeled for an update – times are busy, but I’d love to get this going!

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