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  • Hello all,

    I am a new wordpress user, converting and combining three large wordpress sites into one individual site with many different sections.

    Is it possible to have different areas of the site have different urls that will take you there in wordpress? Is this fairly easy to set up or do I need to do anything special? Sorry if this is a stupid question!



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  • It depends on what the different URL’s you want are. Exactly how do you want it to be set up?

    It is easy to setup (think through it first however) – assign posts to their respective and unique categories (recipes, books, technology, music – these are like topics) and add tags – these are like keywords…each post in a category should clearly be about such, and each tag should be relevant to that post (place, proper name, event, holiday)

    I want it to be set up like this:

    URL takes me to main site, which has menu item/link for sub-site.

    URL takes me to sub site, which has completely different menu options and no links back to main site… is this possible or do I need to do two different wordpress installs to have different menus and different urls on separate pages?

    You might try activating multi site, then map domains to the different networked sites.

    Thanks for all the advice. In this situation since I will only have two sites, would it make more sense to do multisite or just do two separate installs of wordpress?

    Well that depends on how you want to use it. Are they two completely different sites? Would you want to log in under one admin interface to work with both sites, or log out of one to log into the other? Do they HAVE to be two completely different sites? It all depends on your requirements.

    I’d do multisite. It may only be two different URL’s, but they are two different and separate sites. The biggest advantage of a netowrk install is that you can administer both sites from the same back end.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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