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  • From my understanding the available Subscribe Plugins automatically sends subscribers recent posts, are there any subscribe plugins where a user can subscribe and the admin can just email them a note from time to time ? sort of like a mini mail list for wordpress

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  • Subscribe2 has that function.

    not really, that plugin is an auto send for posts not so much a hey just want to send a quick note to the users, I found a couple of plugins that may do the trick

    No, really, subscribe2 has that function (in addition to the function you mention). But glad you found something that works.

    well correct me if i’m wrong here (looking at the subscribe2 admin screen now)

    1. subscribe2 does not have a send to usergroup list
    2. by default it’s setup for auto sending of posts and there’s no option to turn that off

    or am I missing something ?

    what would happen if i gutted out the test area and just wrote an email and hit send would it include posts or just the email ? the features suggest it will automatically send with every new post

    I’m not so sure I really understand your last paragraph, but if you activate the subscribe2 plugin and go to write, there should be a “mail to subscribers” function.

    the plugin is design to send out automatically any time there’s a new post which is what i don’t want, there’s no way to disable that i found some other plugins that are useful for emailing the different users groups

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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