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  • Our server was set to GMT -5 America / Chicago, and so I set WP to use the same. However that was causing the issue. I changed WP to UTC -5 and it fixed it.

    Hope that helps you.

    @nocabt, wouldn’t that chnage the time of the posts as well?
    It’s great that the calander will be in sync, but all the posts will have the wrong time. Doesn’t sounds like a great fix 😉

    Not necessarily I don’t think, b/c UTC – 5 is the same time as America/Chicago. I think this will only cause an issue if you observe daylight savings, which we do, so I’ll have to manually change it then I guess to UTC – 6, which is less than ideal of course, unless I’m missing something.

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    This is strange. Did changing the timezone work?

    It did, but then I decided to reinstall, and now it’s working fine with Chicago time set in WP, Calendar plugin, and server. Not sure what it was but it’s working now!

    Actually I spoke too soon; I reinstalled it and when I select a timezone in WP options; All-in-One tells me “”The plugin is installed, but has not been configured. Click here to set it up now »”” and asks me to choose a time zone, and I save it with Chicago. Then, the problem pops back up. First event is correct, all following are +5 hours.

    However, if I make WP use UTC-5 BUT do not respond to the All-in-one message saying, “The plugin is installed, but has not been configured. Click here to set it up now »” and don’t save that setting, it works… The second I save it it breaks again..

    However, I installed this on a fresh WP install on the same server and it worked fine using Chicago setting in WP… so I guess it is something with my install?

    I didn’t try changing my timezone yet, but I’ve notices some events are fine and some are not.
    I don’t even know if it’s “old” event or “new” event (as in before or after an upgrade of the plugin.

    I’d guess it’s something to do with the way the events are stored in the database.

    I’m quite confused with the fact that some views show the right time and some the wrong time. The iCal export and the google subscribe are both showing messed up times.

    Have a look at the pictures I posted above, they represent an event that can be seen in the live site.


    same thing is happening to me!! Times are off by 6 hrs???

    as well as can not download the standard (non lite version) – yes, followed the directions.. worked on both of these issues all day. I’m done. Hoping there will be a fix for both..SOON, PLEASE.


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    Is this happening on 1.10.9-Standard version?

    I’m on Version 1.10.9-standard and I have the issue. Yes….

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    Did this start after DST change?

    I don’t think so. I haven’t noticed it before, but the effect seems to be more then just the DST.


    Ok, I’ve done some research, and I found out it probably events that were created in the past before some upgrade.

    Even I’m creating new events, they seem to be on the correct times.
    The only place where it’s still showing the wrong time is the event view, when you are logged in as admin (or as a user, I’m not sure)

    Take a look at this event:

    As I see it:

    An update, after setting the timezone in php.ini and re-create events, everything seems to be ok.

    The only problem now is the direct export of the calander with webcal.
    The event still has a shift or 11 hours, which is exactly the differece between Melbourne time and UTC (GMT+11)

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