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  • Hey guys,

    I want to install the same theme twice, each with different settings obviously. The end goal is that I want to show different themes on different pages.

    Sounds very simple, I thought: edit folder name + style.css and rename to unique theme name. See linked page.

    But every time I switch themes the settings stay the same.
    Theme 1 I want font Helvetica
    Theme 2 I want font Verdana
    When I change the font in theme 1 to Helvetica the font in theme 2 changes to Helvetica too.

    I tested this with several themes and child themes, the settings always copy over to the other theme.

    Any solution? I’m also interested in other solutions how to show different themes on different pages.

    Thanks so much.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • > Sounds very simple, I thought
    Really? No – this sounds super complicated.

    > The end goal is that I want to show different themes on different pages.
    Wjhat are you trying to accommplish?

    You can’t do this with this appoach you are taking.
    When I develop sites where the header chnages from page to page, I either use a page builder plugin like Beaver Builder + Beaver Themer + Conditions, or I build several page templates and apply them with conditionals using a template with no header, no footer.
    Sometimes I’ll use this as well to config CSS be applied based on some rules:

    Right. Like @corrinarusso said, you will either:

    1. Use separate page templates OR
    2. A Page builder OR
    3. A page/post specific CSS using a plugin similar to corrinarusso suggested OR
    4. Need to use a multisite, where each page is a separate site with a separate theme. (This will be an overkill. So please explain what you are trying to achieve at the end. If each page is a site for some vendor or other party then multisite makes sense as you can also provide them access)
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    Thanks for the answers. I want to make a site with templates for page builders. I want settings like font and font size to be adjustable without editing the template. Same with default colours for buttons, etc. Hence each template would need its own theme settings.
    I’m going for a multisite as a solution, that seems to be the easiest way.

    You don’t need a multisite. Try or
    Also, my theme has option “sets” so you can apply a set according to a class on the body, which means you can change the look per page.

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    @joyously would theme switcha work with two (and more) of the same theme (different name) though? That’s the problem I ran into. The plugin I’ve used works just fine when I use different themes.

    It sounds like you tested with a theme that is naming its own option variable. Normally, a theme uses theme_mods, which WP names using the slug of the theme as a prefix. That way, you can use many copies or child themes and they all have their own set of options.

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    Yeah, I renamed the names of the themes according to the link in my first post.
    Renamed the folder, name and template in style.css.
    I tried this with Astra and GeneratePress. Didn’t work for either of those. But maybe it’s that those themes use their own options.

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