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    Can you have a totally different lay-out for every page? I read up on how to change headers, but can you change the entire layout for each one? Would I just have to have x amount of style.css, sidebar, header, etc? I just wanted one page different, the rest can stay the same. Thanks for any help 🙂

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  • Are you talking about Pages as opposed to posts – or just webpages? For Pages you can have different templates

    Well, I’d like to use the same lay-out, where things are placed on my site. I just wanted to change the graphics, font colors, etc. I use wordpress not just for my blog but my overall website so everything looks flawless. I wanted to make a wedding page with different graphics. I’m just trying to figure out how hard it would be.

    I just looked over those links and nothing is really helping. Thanks though! Hopefully I can figure it out.

    I doubt you could read through those Codex pages in 6 minutes, and if your request is as vague as it is… we cannot help.

    I’ve read those Codex pages in the past quite a few times. I went through them twice before I posted here. Anyway, I didn’t think I was being vague. I just wanted to know if I *can* change all of the graphics on just one “Page”. Make a new graphics cover for it. Thats it. If I can, I’ll figure it out somehow, I’m just wondering if anyone else has sucessfully done it.

    If it is about Pages, then the answer is yes. You have to create a Page template (including different graphics etc. – see the link above) and after that going into your admin panel Write > Write Page create a new Page by choosing the newly created template from the dropdown menu.

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    Yes. You can. I have done for others.
    Make a complete new template, use that when you make the page.
    The codex links describe how.

    Let me run this by you…

    Say that I just open my page.php file, where it says things like “get header”, etc, should I erase that and add the straight img url? Otherwise I’d be getting my default header, footer, etc, right? I’m sorry if I sound completely stupid, I shouldn’t work on things like this at all hours of the morning.

    where it says things like “get header”, etc, should I erase that and add the straight img url?
    Without the header.php it won’t work. Look here how the templates work together in a theme.
    WHat theme are you trying to modify? The specific answers might differ based on the theme.

    I’m using Jakarta, although I changed all of the backgrounds and other graphics.

    My website url is

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    jennibee – what have you tried, and can you indicate where you have tried so we can see your code ?
    (I mean on your site, please do not post code here)

    For what you want to achieve there several different ways. E.g.
    1. You can create a different header for the specific Page template where you would be able to call for a different stylesheet and different header image. It is also possible to call a different footer or any other part of the page. In this case you cannot use the WP functions “get_header” – you have to go with an include.
    2. You can use an if statement in the existing header (see: Conditional_Tags ) to call for another header image.

    I haven’t really kept anything I’ve tried because it hasn’t worked and doesn’t look like it’ll ever work.

    What I’m not clear on is how you get new graphics to show up. Do you have to make a style2.css, footer2.php, etc? I get how to make new pages and how to erase/add things you want in the over-all layout of the page, but for some reason I’m not seeing how to actually change the graphics. Give me a few hours, if I still can’t get it, I’ll just leave it be.


    I posted before I got to read the last post. Conditional tags sound like fun, I’ll have to read up on those. Thanks!

    I’m glad you asked this, Jennibee. I understood what you meant, but I just got here, so I couldn’t have answered, had I known what to tell you. But, while I hadn’t considered it before, I’m interested in this information; I’ve always assumed that if I wanted to make a page with a completely different look, I’d have to do it outside of WordPress. Thanks for asking; now I know. 🙂

    I’m still slightly confused. Can anyone tell me exactly which files I need to make duplicates of for each different template? That would probably be the biggest help at this point.

    As a test, I changed all of my links in my sidebar (manually, not through wordpress) and in my horizontal menu in my header and they changed, but the graphics aren’t showing up. I have them as header2 and sidebar2 and they seem to be working except absolutely none of the graphics are showing up.

    This is what it does:

    I changed the index.php, made a copy of page.php, header.php and sidebar.php. Anyone know what I may be doing wrong?

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