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  • So there are plugins that I can put a banner for specific day.
    However I haven’t being able to figure out for specific day.

    I mean this question for a text widget, or/and specific banner. If there is only for graphic banners, I can create a png with the text……..

    A friend asked me this question, he was going from Toronto to Halifax, stopping at different location. He wanted to put in the side bar: “I am currently in…”.

    (date) 10:05 I am leaving Toronto
    (date) (time) I am crossing the ON/QC border
    (date) (time) I am in Montreal
    (date) (time) I am in Quebec City
    (date) (time) I am in Miramichi
    (date) (time) I am in Moncton
    (date) (time) I have arrived in Halifax

    Those were some of his stops.

    First time he did this trip he went by trains, second time he drove.

    He started a travel blog. He wants to do sort an unofficial GPS tracking thing.

    I know there is Google Latitude, but…he doesn’t want to be THAT specific. He doesn’t want people to see where he is stay at (hotel).

    Other times, there might not be phone signal. He does do other trips, not just to the east coast of Canada.

    I thought maybe he could use a advertising banner plugin. I even saw a travel plugin that you can put the list of countries and it shows the flag of country then name. That plugin is day specific only.

    He wants something so he can put a list before he travels with the itinerary so…

    I am currently in Toronto
    I am travelling on the Toronto-Montreal train
    I am arriving in Kinston with my train.

    and so forth.

    He can specify that he arrived in Montreal, but not show that he is in whatever hotel/motel.

    A mix of foursquare and Google maps.

    I am over thinking thing. I prefer as a “scheduled plugin” that shows in a text widget. That he can “pre-program” before start of his trip, that way he doesn’t have to call me everytime for me to update it.

    Am I being clear of what I am trying to do?

    I want HIM to do the itinerary/schedule.

    I COULD tell him to do scheduled posts but I think a sidebar text widget is better.

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  • I think I forgot to mention. only one status line at the time. In the first example above, when the time of crossing ON/QC border, the I AM LEAVING TORONTO disapears and gets REPLACED by ON/QC border crossing message.

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