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  • i’m confused here. after an installation of 2.0, i no longer see the option to switch a template for a page. is this feature gone?

    also, where’s the forum search option?

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  • You don’t see Page Template option to the right of the Page Content box?

    Search box is at top just below Home About Extend etc.

    or try this:

    no, for some reason i don;t see the page template option.

    i only see;

    Password-Protect Post
    Page Parent
    Post slug
    Post author:
    Page Order

    is there a way is was possibly turned off?

    Your active theme does have Page templates (at least one), correct?

    Just a thought: are you absolutely sure your page templates have the appropriate headers identifying them as templates? Of course, if they worked in 1.52 they should work in 2.0, I guess, but just in case it’s a new template, that’s something to check.

    This happened to me too. My post slug is ignored.

    I mean… my page template isn’t displayed.. Geez, I don’t see an edit button on this new design…

    I have the same problem. I can’t use different templates for pages, but I need to. My active page has a template (index.php). How can I change the template for a new page in the same project?


    @ozzie: you need to create different templates – in you template you have to write at the beginning the following:

    Template Name: name

    After you will see the template in the admin panel under manage pages.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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