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  • Hi folks

    im pretty new to all this. But im stuck with a problem i cant find a solution for.

    Here is he problem:

    I have 5 main or top level menus. home, products, service, about us, contact

    I want a different sub-menu under each main menu for example:
    “products” should have product categories in the submenu – “about us” should have mission, vision, company profile in the submenu – and so on

    how do I do that?

    i installed custom menu plug in but its not exactly what im looking for.

    can someone help?

    thanks in advance


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  • You don’t need a plugin to create a basic custom menu.

    Admin Panel -> Appearance -> Menus

    Here, you can create your custom menu. To get a sub-menu, you will need to drag the menu item slightly to the right (under it’s parent item).

    Thanks josh for the quick reply

    I know how to create sub menus but how do I assign each submenu to each main menu?

    at this point I have i have 5 submenus but I can only assign one submenu

    Just drag another one under your first sub-menu, and make sure it’s dragged slightly to the right.

    About Us

    to be precise: in my primary widget area i have a custom made vertical sub-menu with all the products

    but I want 5 custom made vertical menus. When I click on “about us” i want the about us sub menu, or when I click on “service” I want the service sub menu.

    do you know what i mean?

    Not entirely… but it’s late here and my mind is definitely not running in it’s normal operating temperature.

    Do you want About Us, and when you hover over it, it expands the list of all pages that are “under” the about us? Such as Vision, Mission, etc?

    Are we talking about your main nav menu?

    What’s your website url?

    i really appreciate your help.

    i have a horizontal main menu in the header part and a vertical sub menu in the body part on the left.

    the vertical sub menu is the same (static) on all main menu points – it shows my products on all main menu pages. but i dont want that. i want the vertical menu to show links to pages that have association with the main menu.



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    Are these static Pages or Posts & Categories?

    a mixture

    home is a static page

    products are categories and posts

    about us is a page

    service is a post (but not assigned yet)

    contact is a page



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    So I assume that the important sub-menu would be the one for your products, yes? If so, you may need to look at creating a secondary Loop in your sidebar to pull in the relevant Posts for your sub-menu. If you simply want to list child categories, you should be able to do that by using wp_list_categories with the child_of parameter.

    well, not exactly esmi

    let me simplify my problem so that you know what I mean.

    imagine this: i have a website with a horizontal main menu in the header part. in that menu I have a) cars b) watches and c) mobile/cell phones

    I also have a vertical sub menu on the left side of the website (body part)

    so when i click on a)cars in the main menu, I want in the vertical sub menu to show the categories: bmw, mercedes, porsche, chevy, etc.

    when i click on b)watches, I want the vertical menu to show the categories: swatch, rolex, citizen, timex, etc.

    and when i click on c) mobile phones, I want the vertical sub menu to show the categories: Nokia, HTC, blackberry, apple, and so…

    Now here is my problem:
    i have created a category for each sub menu and assigned a post to each category BUT when i click on b) watches or c) cell phones, the vertical menu shows: bmw, mercedes, porsche, chevy



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    You should be able to do this by using wp_list_categories with the child_of parameter.

    i am not familiar with coding and php. thought there is easier way. will try soemthing different but thanks for your time & help esmi. appreciate it

    I have a similiar problem. My menus aren’t changing when I select one for my “Header” Menu, a different one for my “Secondary Header” Menu, and a third for my “Footer” Menu. Instead all memnus aee the same regardless what I select under Theme Locations in the Menu Section. The site I just started working on is

    Can someone help me with this?



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    @akimetinc: As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. Your problem is completely different.

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