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  1. havanna63
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hi, perhaps you can have a look on my webpage http://natur-photocamp.de.

    On the start page I have several topics with images. What I'm wondering about: All the pictures have the same size (1280 x 1080 px).
    The picture of the first topic "Morgennebel" would shown in the correct size. The others are smaller - seams as croped.
    Can you explain this issue?

    A hint to you: I don't understand why you have devided the size of the logo threw 2. I have removed the "/ 2" after "absint( get_custom_header()->width )". Because otherwise the logo would be to small according your hint text to max size (392 x 96 px).

    Ciao Thomas

  2. paul.a.cunn
    Posted 1 year ago #

    The slider's dimensions on your page are 1140 by 395. This is the maximum dimensions of the slider. I would recommend changing your images to have these dimensions. Currently your images are being changed to fit the width and then cropped to fit the height.

    Hope this helps!

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