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  • Hi guys

    I am getting different sizes spaces between the words in my posts, there is only one space between each word, but some of them (not all) are coming out more like there’s three. To see what I mean here’s the link to my blog.

    Many thanks in advance

    Board Blogger

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  • Mr E


    This is natural. It does this to make the post square.


    You have your posts “justified”, where each line is exactly the same length – a snmooth right margin with each line the same width. The software varies the space between words and letters to accomplish this.

    If you want it more normally spaced, with ragged right borders at the end of each line, highlight all the post text in the post editor and click the left align button (you will find it on the editor toolbar). That creates equal spacing between letters and words.

    Mr E


    I didn’t think of that, nice (simple) call stvwlf – sorry I overlooked that one LoL

    Thanks guys that’s great.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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