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  • Hi, I’d like to know if there is a way to generate different size thumbnails for different parts of the site. I have a client that wants to use the built-in gallery that comes with WP, so that’s one size thumb that I just specify on the media settings.

    Also another size thumbnail that displays with the excerpts on the front page, which I’m using the thumbnailforexcerpts plugin to do. That plugin lets you specify the thumbnail size or just uses the one from the WP gallery settings:

    Thirdly, they want to show a list of recent posts with thumbnails on the sidebar so that it can be accessible throughout the site.

    So there’s already two thumbnail sizes, one using the default gallery size, another using it’s own specified size within a plugin and now this last one I’m running out of ideas. If I have to use a different plugin to achieve it then I guess that’s what I’ll do but I can’t seem to find anything that’ll do the trick. Especially when this third thumbnail needs to be 148×88 (small). Most of the plugins out there just scales it down on the page and doesn’t really do an actually resize, making some of the thumbnails choppy looking.

    Does anyone know of a one stop shop solution/plugin for what I need to do? The client specified that he does not want to use custom fields. There are lots of not tech-savvy writers for the blog that they would not know the first thing about resizing with photoshop, etc.

    Any assistance would be much appreciated.


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