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  • I’m trying to see if it is possible to have a different sidebar for each Page on my site. Currently every page (including blog, archives, category, single post etc..) show the same sidebar. The defualt sidebar I have is good for my blog but I would like to have a different sidebar on my Pages (Graphics, About Me, Biography, Stats etc…) that can tell the veiwer the precise Page name and show content related to that page. Having a calendar and categories just looks tacky on pages having nothing to do with the blog. Is this possible?

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  • You mean like on Elastic Dog for example?


    i have the same thing on my site (different info on each sidebar). If you create a new .php file, instead of calling the sidebar tag as seen in your themes index.php file, copy the contents of the sidebar.php and paste it into your new .php file. Make sure you paste it in the same area as if you were to call it (like in the index.php file in your theme.)

    Then just change the info of the sidebar in new .php file you created.
    Hopefully it wasn’t too confusing.

    Kevin, yes exactly like on….the only difference is that the Pages on my site are created through WordPress so any editing is done in the WordPress Admin center.

    Ennis, I tihnk I know what you mean….can I add the PHP includes tag in the Page editor on WordPress? Some tags such as the break tag don’t work….

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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