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  1. cevandermeij
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    My WordPress site has a different sidebar on my blog than on my pages.

    See my homepage here: http://www.bvepersoneelsdiensten.nl/
    See my blog here: http://www.bvepersoneelsdiensten.nl/?page_id=32

    The homepage looks good since the sidebar allows the footer with the copyright sentence and the 3 pictures to be right under the red background. The sidebar on my blog however is not exactly the same as on my pages. It is somewhat more higher which makes my footer invisible because it is located right under the red background.

    The 2 templates files (php) I'm using for my blog and pages are exactly the same. How can I get the sidebar for my blog at the same place as for my pages? My design does not allow the text on my pages and blogs to exceed the red horizontaal background.

    Thanks! :)

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