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  • Can’t you do something like:

    #sidebar {
      background: url('relative/url/of/background/image')...;

    The elipsis represents any other stuff you might need like a default background colour, position values (e.g. top left and so on) and repeat values like repeat-x etc.

    Bear in mind also that the only recommended way of making changes to themes is via a Child Theme, if you haven’t already done that.



    Thanks for the idea!

    After trying it out, it only places the image on the right sidebar area, not on the outside of the body.

    That’s because you said you wanted to change the background of the sidebar. Can you explain a bit more exactly what you want?



    Actually, after some configuration, I got it to work, but only along the full left sidebar. Ideally, I want to have:

    A gradient color that is only the height of the body on both sides so that the body text looks like its glowing.

    You can never tell how long the body is going to be. It depends on the sum of the heights of its non-floated content, which will alter over time as content is added/removed, and between pages.

    I usually put a background gradient on with a gradient that becomes the background colour at the bottom of the gradient.



    Interesting. Cool idea though!

    Thanks for the info.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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