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  • Hello.

    I been searching the forum and Google regarding the problem with line break in WP posts, but every entry I find is in regard to a general problem with line break in posts, where my problem is only in the “blog preview”, so forgive me for stating yet another “line break” thread, but I think my problem is different than the rest.

    The problem is as follows:
    When I create a new post, and in this (regardless of the editor) inputs some line breaks (regardless of the way I do this) and publish/update the post, the line break does not show up in the “blog preview” (before pressing the “read more” button), but when opening the blog entry with the “read more” button the post looks correct with normal line breaks.

    So the problem is, how do you get WP to show line breaks in the preview?

    I’m running WP v3.4.2 and using the “Picasso” theme, however the problem does also appear in the two WP themes installed by default.

    Hope someone can help me with this.


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