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    Hi, a few questions please:
    1. is there a way to subtract just one country (ie Australia) from the All Allowed Countries vs. Specific Countries dropdown? This way i can setup one configuration for the rest of the world & one for local shipping.. Then i don’t have to use specific countries for the World option & select everywhere but Australia….

    2. My items weigh 0.2 kgs & I want any finished orders in the checkout with a weight up to 0.5kgs to always cost $5 shipping..
    eg. no matter whether the package is 0.2 or 0.4kgs i want it to cost $5.. how do i do this?

    ps i prefer not to use the handling fees option at all.

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  • handling fee seems to imply its for packaging, handling etc & not the shipping cost itself, but if i want a static price for a weight range is this the only way to do it?

    Plugin Author Dan


    1. Unfortunately, there is no way to exclude countries currently. You have to select all countries except Australia manually.

    2. Handling Fee is originally for packaging, handling, etc. That’s correct point. But on other hand WooCommerce doesn’t handle Handling Fee in any special way. This is just a number which could be given any name we may want. So it’s considered to be used as static shipping cost part.

    TL/DR: You can use Handling Fee for static shipping cost part and it’s the only way to achieve this.

    ok great thanks very much.
    Also is there anyway to add a set amount to a package that exceeds a certain price? ie if the checkout exceeds $100 then $10 gets added to cover registered post.. Doing this within a weight based system is to tricky for me to figure out..

    Plugin Author Dan


    Nope, it’s not possible. You have to modify plugin source code to achieve this.

    ok cheers

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