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    Hello, i use any of this plugins:

    Booster for Woocommerce
    WooCommerce Price Based on Country

    It means that depending on the country of the user (by geolocation), the prices and currencies are different from the default one. They do not convert the original price. They just set a new specific price for each country. It means the same product value could be 50 EUR in Italy, 80 EUR in Croatia, and 20 USD in USA. (Prices are NOT related to conversion)

    You can check what i mean here:

    So, I need to import a multicurrency or international woocommerce product catalog to Facebook/Instagram maintaining the same specific prices depending on the country of the user.
    According to Facebook there is a way to do this:

    Can your plugin do this? The free or the paid, doesn’t matter. I just want to know if it is possible with your plugin.


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  • Plugin Author Ohidul Islam



    Sorry, It’s not possible with our plugin at this moment.

    Thank you for answering!

    But i have a doubt. Why you say is not possible?

    If i go to your premium plugin website (https://webappick.com/plugin/woocommerce-product-feed-pro/) i read this:

    It is possible to use any wp-options and post meta values into the feed. Most of the plugins used to save data as an option. So using the premium version of our plugin user can use any other plugin data to make feed including Advanced Custom Field , YITH Plugins, WooCommerce Booster (Jetpack), WooCommerce Brand, WooCommerce Tab Manager and Actually any Plugins.

    WooCommerce Product Feed Pro is compatible with WPML WooCommerce plugin. And by supporting WPML this makes it possible for the e-commerce owners to create product feed in different languages. This enables the e-commerce owners the chance to globalize their business in minutes because you always have better chance of selling something if you are selling it in the native language.

    I am not able to create multiple feeds with your plugin like this video on facebook like here? https://www.facebook.com/business/help/2144286692311411
    Maybe one feed for every language, and one feed for every price? Then i can combine them all in facebook catalog uploading them separately as localized versions of the same catalog?

    For example i want to create a second language feed where i create a custom override column where i manually add the static language code, then i select the specific language with your WPML options.
    And then I create multiple feeds for the every country, so again i create a custom override column with the country code value, and finally use a wp-options field of the plugin i want to export the data I need.

    Regarding of the information on your plugins page is possible. I’m curious to know why are you saying is not possible? Thanks!

    You marked the post as RESOLVED.
    But i hope you can answer my last question.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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