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    Hello, i use any of this plugins:

    Booster for Woocommerce
    WooCommerce Price Based on Country

    It means that depending on the country of the user (by geolocation), the prices and currencies are different from the default one. They do not convert the original price. They just set a new specific price for each country. It means the same product value could be 50 EUR in Italy, 80 EUR in Croatia, and 20 USD in USA. (Prices are NOT related to conversion)

    You can check what i mean here:

    So, I need to import a multicurrency or international woocommerce product catalog to Facebook/Instagram maintaining the same specific prices depending on the country of the user.
    According to Facebook there is a way to do this:

    Can your plugin do this? The free or the paid, doesn’t matter. I just want to know if it is possible with your plugin.


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  • I’ve found this article in your site.

    But it is not very clear, really. Is there any video of it?

    First of all, I create the first feed and select a country. What country should be that? The default from the shop?

    Then, for overriding, you say we should create a new feed and select csv format. But you don’t specify what country should we select (the same of the default one or the new one?)

    Ok, after that, on the second page, you say we should delete all the “columns” we don’t need (did you mean rows?). So i delete all the fields i don’t need. I just left the ID, Description, Title, Regular and Sale prices.

    Then I create the new override field (Now it’s the last field in the list), and select the static value for the new country. Let’s say the new country is Brazil. So on the static field I type BR, right?
    My shop is in Argentina, but the default currency is USD. I have multicurrency enabled and different prices by country. The Brazilian currency symbol is R$.

    Finally, this is what i have:
    1) Original feed – Country: Argentina
    2) Second feed – Country: Brazil

    It seems something is not well done. The second feed shows also usd dollars.

    What am i doing wrong? Should i need a different plugin? Does your plugin do what i need?

    Thanks you very much for your time and support!!

    Plugin Author Development Team


    Hi walpap,

    Thanks for using our plugin and reaching out to us.

    Both plugin’s you mention are not officially supported by our plugin and we do not know how those plugins work:

    • Booster for Woocommerce
    • WooCommerce Price Based on Country

    Judging from the screenshot you send, with the prices in it, it might be that those plugin’s just save the country prices in their own unique country attributes. When that is the case those attributes (we don’t know what their name is) should show in the drop-downs on the field mapping page:

    When they do show then just map those to the g:price field. Make sure you change the currency in the suffix field too for the country you are creating the feed for.

    When the country price attributes do not show in the drop-down then unfortunately it won’t work.

    All the best,

    Eva, thank you very much for your answer.

    As you thought, the custom prices attributes are not showing in the mapping field list.
    It means that’s not possible with your free or paid version?
    Is it possible to add a custom attribute or field to that list in any way? Is it very difficult to do that with a little of programming knowledge? Could you add it as a new feature in a new version?


    Plugin Contributor Support Team


    Hi walpap,

    When they do not show in the drop-downs it means those 2 plugin’s are not adding those fields as normal WooCommerce attributes but some other way. This also means it won’t be easy for us to add support for those plugins to our plugin (neither for the free or paid version of our plugin).

    As we did not have other users requesting support for those two plugin’s we are, unfortunately, unable to help you any further with this.

    All the best,

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