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  • “Different Posts Per Page” is a neat plug in that lets us change the number and sort order of posts appearing on different pages — home, archive, etc.

    In my case, I need to have posts on some pages ranked oldest first, and posts on other pages ranked newest first. The plug in is designed to do just that.

    When I use its options page, I can easily specify the number of posts that appear on a page, and it works. But when I specify ASCending order by date or DESCending order by date, there is no effect at all. The blog just shows the posts in the default view, newest at the top, regardless of what I specify on the options page.

    I wondered if the plug-n referred to “date” using a string different from that used in my theme, plaintxtBlog — but the same problem persists using the WordPress default themes. I have done web searches and have found no one else complaining that the chronological sort function in the plug in was not working.

    I upgraded my system to 2.3 with no change; and I had my host upgrade MYSQL as well, with no change.

    Can anyone point me to the possible problem?

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  • Well, descending by date shouldn’t do anything, since that’s the default post order, isn’t it?

    There is another plugin, Custom Query String, and it sorts posts by ascending date order.

    Thanks for the tip about Custom Query String, but unfortunately that plugin also does not work. I switched from CQS to DPPP and had the same problem.

    Because both plugins don’t work I have to assume that there is something wrong with my WP installation; I just don’t know what part of the code to look at for a fix.

    Richard Galli

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