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  • On multiple choice questions. You can assign different points for the question answered. This means you can assign (1,2,3,4,5,ect) points for the correct answer(s), to a given question.

    If a question is not answered 0 points are given.

    The plugin DOES NOT GIVE -1 points if a wrong answer is selected. If a wrong answer is selected, 0 points are given.

    So assume a question where (A,B,C) are the correct answers and D is the incorrect answer. Each correct answer is assigned 1 point for being correct. The user selects (A,B,D) as the answer to the question. 2 points will be given for this answer.

    That doesn’t make sense. If the user chooses all choices, the system gives maximum points. There must be some penalty for wrong answers.

    Assume a multiple choice question where ABCD are the choices for a multiple choice question. ABC are the answers that are correct worth 1 point each. The answer D is incorrect. If the quiz taker picks ABCD or ABC the user will score the 3 points for the answer because they picked the correct answers. Currently the quiz does not subtract a point for picking the wrong answer.

    I agree with you that the quiz should deduct a point for picking the wrong answer, and I pointed it out to xeon010. At the time i pointed it out, Xeno010 told me that he might add negative point values in a later release of WP Pro Quiz. For now, it is what it is and that is how the program is currently designed to score multiple choice questions.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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