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  • I have a website with an already large blog with a lot of posts. I am creating a completely new “News” section (a category), with news articles in hopes of getting them to Google News and/or Yahoo! News. After researching how to appear in such news websites, we need to have a number in the link. I figured it would make most sense to have that be the post ID. I cannot just change the permalink, however, because I do not want the link structure and URLs of our regular blog posts to change.

    Currently, the permalink structure is:

    I want the permalink structure for all posts in the “news” category, and any sub-categories of news, to be:


    So, I also want any sub-categories to be stripped out of the permalink for the individual post URL, while the sub-category page will still be /news/sub-category/

    I realize this may be a completely different issue, and it’s not as important right now as figuring out the best way to get posts within my news category to automatically have this new permalink structure, not affecting the permalink structure that is already in place for the rest of the site.

    I have tried a number of plugins, such as Custom Permalinks, Permalink Editor, and Advanced Permalinks, and none of them seem to make this possible.

    I would think this would be rather easy to implement, especially because of sites like Google and Yahoo! News requiring a different structure. I did some research but couldn’t find anything recent, and a lot of stuff talking about mod rewrites. Just wondering if this is not recommended. It seems that my partner doesn’t want us to use mod rewrites.

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