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    Hello I am really struggling with a website and need some advice!

    What I basically have is 5 sections to the website, each accessed via a horizontal menu bar in the head. When in each section, it needs it own sub-menu to appear in the sidebar with only the content relevant to THAT particular section.

    I think the easiest way to do this will be via parent/sub pages. But how do I only show those particular pages in the sidebar menu?? Will I need multiple page templates? Multiple menus?

    Very confused and on a tight deadline, any help welcomed! Thanks!

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  • Okay I have kind of worked this out now – I am using a combination of Menus Plus+ and Widget Logic. I’m creating custom menus with Menus Plus+ and then putting them in widgets that I am only assigning to certain pages using Widget Logic.

    Very long-winded… but working so far! Not sure how I am going to be able to explain this to the client though to do themselves, but at least it’s working.

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