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[Resolved] DIfferent Iframes on Multiple Pages

  • I have followed your documentation and am still not able to have different iframes appear on successive pages.

    For example I have named these successive iframes

    [advanced_iframe securitykey=”xxx” src=”http://www.heise.de”]

    [advanced_iframe securitykey=”xxx” src=”http://www.tinywebgallery.com”]

    [advanced_iframe securitykey=”xxx” src=”http://www.tinywebgallery.com/demo”]

    as suggested in a previous post, but I get the same external page appearing in the iframes (which are on different pages on my site).

    Do you have any suggestions on how to make the different pages I want appear?


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  • Plugin Author mdempfle


    Have you enabled that attributes in the shortcode can overwrite the defaults?
    Your iframes above look ok. But if you have them on one page you should give each if them a different id also.

    Ok… ok,

    Is there a way to place the advanced_iframe inside a picture?

    I want to showcase one of my Mobile demo website and I would like to place it inside a iphone.png picture.

    Is there a way?

    Plugin Author mdempfle


    inside a picture? you can place an iframe over a picture. But this is normal html/css stuff then.
    e.g. define a div with a background image and inside this div place the iframe with a margin.

    Your right, it’s in my html/css site but I’m having a problem adding it in the advanced_iframe settings. Thanks

    Plugin Author mdempfle


    you cannot add this to the iframe settings. You have to create the div by yourself and put the iframe inside it.

    I plan to add an optional container around the iframe you could style but this is actually to allow responsive design right out out of the box…

    I’ll give it try, thanks

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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